Art is a strong medium of expression. Devotional paintings reflect an elevated lifestyle and are a perfect example of artistic expression through simple yet distinctive compositions. From ancient time art paintings are used as a medium of communication and to show religious preferences. It drives a man towards fully expressing his inner essence and appreciation of nature.

    Choosing the right wall decor is a daunting task. The walls of your home confine your private space. In every religion people tend to follow different traditions and customs and their home décor reflect their perception. There are different varieties of devotional wall art paintings available in the markets.

    Buddha Wall art Painting

    Today Buddhism philosophy and art are so popular, that people keep murals, art pieces and paintings of Buddha in their home and offices. Buddha paintings bring peace and enlightenment in your surroundings. Buddha paintings are considered as a symbol of innocence and bliss.

    According to Hindu Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, wooden framed paintings of Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring prosperity and great fortune. According to Chinese, Chi (form of energy) ensures a balance of harmony, joy and wealth in home.

    But with that there are few things we need to follow for placement of Buddha paintings.
    1. Placing Buddha paintings at higher level will bring positive vibes and reduces stress.
    2. Placing a Buddha painting at workplace or study helps in achieving goals and increase concentration.
    3. Placing a Buddha painting right opposite front main door acts as a shield against sorrow and negative energy.
    4. Placing the painting of Buddha in your living room or reception area will bring happiness, peace and prosperity into your home and offices.
    While purchasing Buddha painting ensure the right colour, quality and size suitable for your space and according to your taste.

    Ganesha Wall art paintings
    Lord Ganesha is the most worshipped god in Hindu religion. In Hindus before starting or beginning a new venture, it is a ritual to worship Lord Ganesha. He is called “Vighanharta”, that means remover of obstacles.

    Lord Ganesha has been a symbol of prosperity, success and good fortune. He is also considered to be the Lord of Letters and learning; so it is advisable to keep Ganesha Paintings in your kids’ bedroom. Keeping it in living room will increase more positive energy and welcoming ambience, whereas keeping it in your dining room helps you to eat mindfully.

    Lord Ganesha (Ganpati), Canvas, Vinyl, Art Print, Hindu God, Indian, Ethnic, Vintage, Religious, Spiritual, Poster, Wall art, Walldecor JDAPR-00007006

    There are few things we need to remember regarding the placement of Ganesha Paintings:
    1. Best direction to put Ganesha wall painting is Northeast corner of the house.
    2. Never place Ganesha idol or painting near toilet or to the wall attached to the bathroom.
    3. It is not advisable to keep Ganesha idol or wall painting in the bedroom but if not, you must put in the northeast direction only.×11-2-panels-10×18-2-panels-10×24-1-panel-pms-00001177/

    Radhakrishna Wall art paintings
    According to Hindu mythological beliefs, Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Their love story is a symbol of eternal love and togetherness. Your life starts to change when you are in a relationship and you would want the relationship with your loved one to blossom every day.

    According to Vastu Shastra keeping a wall painting of Radhakrishna in bedroom creates an aura of selfless love and peace. Radhakrishna paintings ignite love and compassion between couples and make their bond stronger.

    Having devotional wall painting and art pieces at your home makes you feel closer to the divine soul. It keeps your faith stronger and inspires you. It keeps harmony in the family.
    Stay Blessed!!

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