Amazing Gift and Gifting Ideas for every occasion

    The gift is a precious thing and a wonderful feeling to pass on. The occasions for the gift are just a reason to be happy and make others happy. How often we think about the choices and preferences of others while selecting a gift.

    History and Traditions of Gifting:

    Ancient civilizations also exchanged gifts but there is no surety when gifting actually started. The society has seen several items and stories registered in the history of humankind where the tradition of gifting existed.

    Sharing something special as a gift you made or bought is a unique way to communicate and express. The pleasure of gifting is not just because of its importance it gained recently. Historic items and stories that prevail are interesting.

    Gifts that made history:

    • Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy; gifted by France to the United States in 1884.
    • White Elephant Hanno sent from India to Rome as a gift to Pope Leo X from King Manuel I Portugal.
    • Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the ancient gardens that are considered as a paradise in the desert, gifted by Nebuchadnezzar to his wife Amytis.
    • TajMahal a tomb of Mumtaz, wife of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan is a gift after death but has become a world heritage site.

    Modern Day Costliest Gifts:

    • Mukesh Ambani gifted Nita Ambani his wife an A319 jet woth $60 million.
    • Anil Ambani purchased an $85 million yatch for his wife Tina Ambani.
    • Shilpa Shetty Kundra gifted 19th floor of Burj Khalifa to her husband

    What can influence your gifting decisions?

    The Indian Gifting industry and the Indian customers are changing with time. A survey by NationMaster says that about 7% online recommendations are more useful than personal.

    Holidays and promotions are a great combo for the gifting industry.

    Deloitte 2018 Holiday Survey states that the items they saw on websites inspire 30% of people who visit stores.


    Why is there a rise in gifting?

    The change in lifestyle, notions about expenses, openness to express, availability of options, accessibility of internet, hundreds of online sites and earning capacity affect the gifting.

    Marketing and Promotional activities for gifts are increasing.

    The Indian online gifting industry is at $65 million, predicted to reach $ 84 billion by year 2024.

    95% of people fall for attractive discount schemes and buy more gifts.

    Different beliefs of gifting across the globe:

    Culture and traditions have created many beliefs over the years.

    • Chinese believe that the packing of the gift is important and the color should be chosen wisely, gold and silver wrapper for weddings, red for festivals and occasions and black is taboo. Red stands for wealth and prosperity while black stands for death. While gifting money they do it only in even numbers but number 4 is an exception.
    • Italians consider knife and sharp objects as inappropriate for gifting and wine from a reputed vineyard is what they prefer for several occasions.
    • Indians offer gifts with both their hands to show love and respect for the person. Money is often gifted, but it is always in an odd number. On birthdays, Indians do not blow the candles instead; they light the lamp, pray to this light, and seek blessings. Usually, they present gifts as soon as they arrive at someone’s place but never open in front of anyone. Preferred wrapping colors are red, green, and yellow or use any other color except white, gray and black.
    • Malaysians never open gifts in front of people who gave gifts. The receivers accept gifts using both the hands. They always offer gifts while leaving not when they arrive. The corporate gifting is not in the culture and often counted as a bribe.
    • In France, people prefer books to the chocolates and vines.
    • In Saudi Arabia, the gifts like perfume and handmade carpets are given. Clothes and jewelry are not gifted and a man can gift a woman only they both are related.
    • Russians consider yellow flowers as bad luck; women receive perfumes and red roses. They also give away return gifts for birthdays.

    Why do you give a gift to someone?

    People like to express their feelings for each other. The occasions and festivals give us enough scope to show generosity towards the special people in our life. We gift to people whom we are related to and with whom we want to establish relations.

    Concept of Gifts:

    The thought behind every gift is a pure intention to make the occasion special and value the relationship.

    1. Corporate Gifting: Professional relations need maintenance, due care is taken to personalize gifts but not make them look personal. The gifts remind others of your business and continue the business engagements or patronage.

    Corporate gifts have more importance of appearance than the relevance to that person. Avoid adding too much information about the company on the gift.

    1. Personal Gifting: Well-wishers have some special ideas for making wonderful relations more special. The efforts taken to select such gifts are commendable. People select gifts that are praiseworthy and in return, of the gift they receive appreciation.

    People receiving gifts cherish them for a lifetime and make efforts to preserve them. Personal gifts are given out of joy, appreciation, gratitude, and willingness. It creates a balance in life and strengthens the bonds between people.

    Avoid putting remarks on gifts you are not sure of, a thin line of privacy should be maintained depending on the relation.

    How Corporate Gifting differs from Personal Gifting?

    Corporate gifts can be general gifts that are sent to your business associates, partners, customers, and vendors. They need not be extraordinary but enough to make an impact for a while. Personal gifting has greater emotional and personal value as compared to corporate gifts.

    Selecting Gifts:

    The gifts that serve the purpose are often difficult to select. We can make the process of gift selection interesting. We need to know the purpose.

    If we check, Indian gift portals or gift shops nearby the huge variety of items are listed/displayed and we all spend lot of time buying a gift.

    1. Birthday gift:×20-2-panels-12×30-2-panels-pms4ap-00009114/

    Birthday is an extension of life and celebration. The birthday gift of girls, boys, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, fiancée, husband, wife, mom, dad, grandparents, small kids, daughter, son, brother, sister, relatives, parents, and family members may be personalized or general.

    Birthday gift to business connects; bosses and colleagues are usually not too personal. Best birthday gifts for everyone can depend on their choices you know of and try gifting something trendy or useful.

    This image is a tribal painting but we dance when we are happy and alone or with someone whom we want to celebrate with.

    1. Valentine’s day gifts:

    A special relation and this day is celebrated as an expression of love. The boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife exchange gifts and spend time together on 14th Feb of every year which is known as valentine’s day.

    Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her have many categories to explore. You know the person best and their likes as well as dislikes. Selecting gifts for a special person is difficult especially when you want to gift something unique and special.

    Some couples celebrate Valentine’s week, each day a new gift sent, makes a very special impact on the person you love. Pink is the color of love spread it.

    1. Anniversary gifts:

    Anniversaries of the first meeting, proposal day, wedding, reunion, commencement day of business, partnerships, business merger, historic happenings and many that we celebrate include wonderful anniversary gifts.

    Personal and professional anniversaries have different scope and the flavor of gifting changes accordingly. The ideas can travel faster than light to confuse us in options or help us find the best gift.

    Spores Wall Canvas is a reproductive structure of seedless plants. Let the people find the meaning for them as if they have been doing and growing together.

    1. Engagement gifts:

    The golden period before the wedding, traditionally it is approval of family and society for two people to dream about their future.

    A woman with her friends is no more with them mentally. Lost in the thoughts of her beloved/ fiancé this portrait reflects the state of every newly engaged woman.

    Gift items that make meaning and do not just remain a gift item are rare.

    1. Wedding gifts:

    For friends and family, we check out the most interesting couple or individual wedding gifts. If you are a friend to either of the spouse or both the gift idea will differ.

    Make a very special day of two people even more special with extraordinary ideas of gifts. Newly married couples need a fresh look and feel even when they are indoors. If you think of fresh air peace nature has no substitute.

    This image includes blossoms and birds both are the symbols of love and joy.

    1. Father’s day gifts:

    Foundation stone of life is the dad, you just never find a person as strong and as sensitive as your dad. The only chance to make him feel special is father’s day.

    The greetings and gifts you give can make him happy father. This image is geometrically correct for every father who is strong support in ups and downs of our life.

    1. Mother’s day gift:

    Mothers are memory banks they have so much in their mind, they even forget to live for themselves. Their world is family and kids, the more we want them to live for themselves the more they are involved in the life of their young or old enough children.

    Their presence makes us forget the pains of the world and we all want our mother to be always happy. Taking her down to memory lane by holding her hand and when you are not near let the gift, do that for you.

    1. Festival Gifts:

    In India, the culture has a perfect blend with the lifestyle. Gifting is part of our festive seasons. We celebrate Dusshera (festival of triumph of good over evil), Diwali (festival of lights), Pongal, Holi, Makar Sankranti (festival of kites), Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Beej/ Bhai Dooj, Eid, Christmas, New Year Day.

    Sweets for all festivals are the appealing combo to add with any gift you select.

    On diwali, we give sweets, money, electronic money, gift cards, handmade gifts, chocolates, flowers, clothes, accessories or look for more options. Many people worship Gods and for some it is a reason to decorate, redecorate or renovate the houses.

    Ganesha is a holy deity worshipped on every festival by all the Hindu people in India. The purity Ganesha brings to the thoughts, ambiance, and life makes it the best gifting idea.

    1. Good morning gift:

    Gift items that make us feel fresh are mostly preferred for Good morning gifts. Flowers, perfumes and many other gift items make us feel the new beginning of the day special. Gift it to someone whose mornings you want should be the best part of his or her day.

    It is a belief that if you wake up happy then the whole day will be special. This is a simple white and golden window blind to will make your morning special. Soothe the mind and relax your body before you start the day to achieve your passion.

    1. Women’s Day Gift:

    Women in our life and everybody’s life play a crucial role. Without our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives we would never enjoy our lives, have playful moments and have a reliable person whom you can approach anytime.

    To celebrate the women power, women guts and womanhood present them with the best gift they deserve. The best gift is something that communicates about your special relation with them and the importance of their existence in your life.

    1. Friendship Day’s gifts:

    Best Friends gifts and to make new friends on friendship day we all give gifts to people we want to be friends with. The forever friends are a blessing, which only a few lucky people have. We celebrate this day for the contribution of people who turned friends at some point.

    Time spent with friends is of memory making without knowledge or planning. The fun times do not return but the memories remain and may the friendship too.

    The image of Lord Krishna and his elder brother Balrama strongly represents their friendship though they were siblings.

    1. Return gifts:

    We receive lot of gifts on various occasions like birthdays, events or festivals. It is the right time to show how much you value their gifts, and time they took out for finding a good gift for you was worth it.

    A return gift is a gesture that strengthens the bond between two people or families.

    1. Graduation Day gift:

    One of the important days for a person is graduation day. Academic achievements are game-changers and shape our lives. For graduation day of your kids or best friends, you want to do something special to keep them motivated and appreciate their hard work.

    Your best wishes and intentions complemented with a gift that speaks for you always.

    1. Get Well Soon gifts:

    Anyone near and dear who is unwell makes us uneasy and we wish and pray for their recovery. The inspiration we can share with them for the speedy recovery and the long healthy life can be just our well wishes or accompany some gift they can relate.

    1. Teachers day gift:

    We have teachers who play an important role in making what we are today. The respect that we have for them and the teacher’s day or farewell day of a teacher is the time when you can thank them.

    Krishna had been a powerful guide to Arjuna, and it is because of him that Arjuna could perform his duties towards his motherland.

    1. Housewarming gifts:

    Housewarming is a very exceptional moment in our lives. We all buy a house after going through a long process and have to take many decisions about the location, budget, style, locality, and décor.

    Everyone wants the best for their homes. When invited for a housewarming it is our privilege to be a part of someone’s the happy moment. Once a home is about to become a house due to these lovely people who will be with each other in good and challenging times.

    The house is full of people of different ages, choices and they have to undergo varied tasks. This painting portrays the work, fun, festivity and social interactions. A vibrant house will remain happy always.

    1. Baby shower gifts:

    A baby shower is a time when would-be parents are happy and cautious of every little thing. Life is changing and they are adjusting to it. The most important gift they can give to each other is trust and confidence.

    This frame can add value to the room and life. This can be best gift for the couple who are expecting baby and it will change the life to an unexpected level. Gift this wall art of Radha Krishna a symbol of unconditional love.

    1. Newborn baby gifts:

    Long-awaited celebration is often enjoyable. It is the welcoming moment for a new baby in the family. The friends and family members want the parents to relax and have fun with the newborn baby.

    Gifts for the baby are not just toys and clothes. Soon after birth when they cannot even speak and express in words, they watch everything with curiosity. Their eyes are the only way to sense the world. It can see the colors and images to interpret in their own way.

    The expressions on the baby’s face can make you smile and think about how they can have fun with wall décor. The best gift for a newborn baby is the one that you can know it has made the baby happy.

    1. Corporate gifts:

    Corporate gifting is a serious matter, the companies want their office to look trendy, not traditional or fancy. The business associates don’t want to get in a tricky situation so prefer something casual.

    We can make corporate gifting a stress free process. We all can relate to cactus leaves with sharp spikes with the business that requires special skills to make it profitable. We bear fruits after lot of hard work.

    The cactus has thorns but we seldom recollect it raises most beautiful flowers.

    1. Goodnight gift:

    The most intimate time with family and beloved is at night. Nighttime is personal time; take care of yourself, your near ones and your thoughts.

    Dream making factory is a night we all await. These big dreams make our life beautiful, rosy and worth living. Kiss your loved one with your best goodnight gift. Let the awesomeness strike the relation and take it on a smooth sail.

    Wish them a dreamy sequence that they can follow.

    1. Customized gifts: Occasions and gifts are always hand-in -hand. There are some rules with gifting bound by the traditions and beliefs of people. We can mix and match the ideas and get the gifts customized.

    The gift selection and the way we present them creates a mutually affectionate bond and people may reciprocate with happiness. The gifted will feel special and you will be satisfied with the efforts you have taken to select an appropriate gift. The gifted may or may not respond in the way you expect due to varied human capabilities and styles of expressing gratitude.

    Places to find wonderful gifts:

    • Gift Shops
    • Online shopping sites
    • E-commerce sites

    Other General Gifts:

    • Books
    • Flowers
    • Chocolates
    • Gift Card
    • Travel Package
    • Sponsored Trips
    • Money Transfer
    • Precious things /metals
    • Real Estate
    • Automobile
    • Electronic Gadgets
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Personal Accessories
    • Beauty Products
    • Cooking Appliances
    • Home décor
    • Furniture
    • Music Albums
    • Technological products
    • Games
    • Toys

    “It is not the gift but the thought counts. It is not just the events the expressions counts.”

    The best form of expression is a gift. Gifting is a habit that pays in the long run. It is like an investment that matures with the relation.


    “Together we Flourish, Together we Cherish.”


    Take advantage of every opportunity to gift someone and be a part of other emotional life forever. The smallest or the costliest gifts will not matter as precious are those gifts that are liked the most.

    Appreciation and gratitude are the two sides of the coin called the gift. Give wings to your imagination and generate radiant energy across the circle of important people in your life.

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